Find balance and optimism with this coaching tool

Whether it’s during a speed wobble in life or a stagnation phase, we all seem to occasionally struggle with balance and optimism. I’ve recently discovered a simple tool, which has brought me greater awareness and allowed me to create more balance and optimism in my life. 

The tool: Wheel of Life. 

  • Draw out a circle/wheel of life and divide it into halves, quarter and then possibly eighths (or just find a template online)
  • Give each section of your wheel a heading that describes an important element of your life. You may want to choose ones similar to the ones listed below: career, attitude, social life etc.
  • Create a scale (1-10) for each section of your wheel, 1 being close to the centre and 10 close to the circumference. These are your how-well-am-I-doing-in-this-area-of-my-life markers.
  • Sit with yourself for a while and begin to mark out your satisfaction/achievement level in each section. If you’re feeling positive about your new online course, maybe you’ll give yourself an 8/10 in the personal growth section. However, if work is overwhelming at the moment, maybe your career is at a 5/10. 
  • Once you’ve decided on your markers, shade in the section below the marker, closest to the centre of the circle (like in the diagram).

Why does this diagram help?

In terms of BALANCE, it gives us a visual presentation of what elements of our lives are lacking and what parts of our lives are full (or possibly even overpowering). It gives us an indication on what parts of our lives we need to focus on.

If you’re needing some OPTIMISM, this diagram puts life into perspective. During our not-so-great days it’s easy to focus on the parts of our lives, which are causing us pain. Sometimes that’s necessary and this isn’t a pep-talk about ‘thinking positively’ *cue eye-roll.* But, and there is a but: Perspective is valuable. This diagram also shows the parts of our lives, which are going pretty damn well. 

The aim of this post was to inspire a little more awareness in you. And hopefully from this, you’re able to make a subtle shift towards optimism and greater balance.

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