The 6 Friends We All Need

A couple of Sunday afternoons ago, I sat outside drinking wine with some of the most wonderful people I know. In a definitely-not-so-sober state, I drew back from the conversation and observed the happiness. (Thinking about it now, my face probably fell into a terribly attractive half-smile.)

In this moment, tipsy Abi decided that people are the most important part of life and shit, am I not so lucky to have these lovelies as friends.

I don’t think we take enough time to appreciate what people bring to our moments and days and more specifically, the roles, which they play in our lives because of their idiosyncrasies.

Here are some of the roles, which I know my friends play in my life. Maybe you’ll discover similarities in yours (or comes to realise others.) The goal of this post is to create some warm, fuzzy gratitude for the magic, which people bring into our lives.

1. Your Day One

You’ve probably got baby bath-time photos together and had your first sleepover at theirs. You gave each other friendship bracelets and spent every Friday at their house (mainly for the games, but like, their older brother was also pretty attractive.) You witnessed their braces phase and you’ve both seen each other’s ugly tears.

Over the years, they’ve accumulated so much dirt on you that you specifically didn’t give them the opportunity to say a speech at your 21st. Ten minutes of their words and the world (read ‘parents’) would now be seeing you a far less flattering light. You may be chalk and cheese, but you’ve got forever memories together and you know you’ll be making so many more.

2. Someone Who Gets It

If the science of astrology is a real thing, then it can explain this friendship. You’ve either always known each other, or you met at a party you weren’t even supposed to go to. It’s a meant-to-be kind of thing and you both know it.

Maybe they’re not a friend, but a sibling or cousin. Regardless, you’ve travelled a similar road and know that they get the things that many others wouldn’t. There is a silent understanding between you two and you know you can be real with them.

3. Your Truth Teller

This is your (hopefully tactful) friend who gives you the honest truth, every time. They are the person who will ask, “Do you think your expectations could be a little unreasonable?” and they’ll let you know if they think you should try a different outfit. They always seem to have their life together (it’s actually irritating) and will definitely not allow you to call your ex at 2am. Their advice is not coming from a place of competition or jealousy, but from goodness and love.

4. The ‘Mom’

If you were ever running from the paparazzi or needed to escape some drama, you know that you’re welcome to make their living room home for a few days. You may have previously spent nights on their couch, or know that you could if things got a little rough. With this friend, there always seems to be wine involved! They either love cooking or know of the best restaurants in town – they show love through food. They will always have your back and are basically a dressing gown in human form.

5. The Win-Win’s

You may at first want to deny the existence of these kinds of friends, but I’m sure that we’ve all had a couple of them (and I see nothing wrong with it.) These are the people, who serve a practical purpose in your life: the neighbour who is the only reason that your morning running routine has become a reality or the friend who actually goes to lectures and sells you their notes. If you’re both benefiting and are understanding of your relationship, then I’d say it’s all good. Even though these friends won’t be at your wedding, they are valuable during this phase of your life and I’d assume that you’re valuable in theirs.

6. The Escape

This friend will leave for a road-trip with 20 minutes notice and will definitely bring a good time. They probably won’t have petrol money, but will contribute an old-school playlist and homemade seed crackers. They live with a concerningly high level of spontaneity, which has made them both a master problem-solver and brilliant storyteller. The creative child in you is super jealous of their life choices, but the trying-to-adult part of you is happy to know that you’ll be studying this evening.

So, there is it. Your list may look different to mine, but if you’ve got a couple of people who you know you can rely on, you’re richer than most.

Here’s to the people who bring magic to our moments!


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5 replies to “The 6 Friends We All Need

  1. Definitely agree with this life. Although my list looks a little different, I’ll make sure to organize the way you did to know which ones are most important in my life. I cannot describe the importance of friends in our lives to make our dreams a reality or even to experience happiness. Great writing, keep it up!
    Well deserved follow 🙂
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    Also, I’m starting a FaceBook page soon for my blog and I’d love to invite you, do you use FaceBook?
    Keep inspiring!

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    1. Hey – I’m so glad that you found value in my writing! I’ve returned the follow – you’ve got great content! I’ll definitely be looking out for your further posts. Thanks for stopping by. Abi.

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