Call to Action 2 | Your Shadow Side

So you’ve read my previous post and decided that you need to take a look at what Jung called your Shadow Side.

If you are anything like me, taking a glimpse of your Shadow an exciting, but terrifying idea. Saturday night wine evenings will always seem like a better idea and on some days I will choose a trip to the dentist over some good introspective time.

But if you’re ready to find a truth about yourself (good or bad), keep reading.

I cannot take any credit for the below exercise, since it’s all Richard Oxtoby. However, it’s one, which I’ve used numerous times to come to a couple of pretty crazy insights about myself. My wish for you is that you feel more empowered and able to no longer be “at the mercy of unconscious forces.” Since this is your life to live, I’m curious to know what you’ll discover about yourself through this Call to Action.

The Oxtoby Exercise:

  1. “Use your environment to challenge you” – what are the “actions that your friends or family do that irritate you?” If you need some examples (I’m sure you don’t), check out the associated post.
  2. Why do you get so irritated – “what is it saying about you?” Are their actions bringing light to a part of yourself, which you’d rather keep hidden? Can you see a not-so-great part yourself in their actions?
  3. If you’re unsure (and brave enough), “ask your family or friends.” Hopefully they’ll be tactful when sharing constructive feedback with you, and awareness is the only way to begin learning and changing for the better.

If you’ve got this far, you’ve got courage! From my experience, this ability to be open with yourself is a great advantage going forward – not many people can do it.

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If you’d like to find more of Richard Oxtoby’s work, visit his website. All quotes in this post are from his book, Achieving Our full Potential (2014).

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