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This is the call to action linked with my previous post. If you missed it, it’s right over here.

So what happens if your life is an artwork and you’re the artist? Well, you understand that you are more and you’re meant to create more.

If you like this perspective and want to create more for yourself, try this call to action! Think about it over coffee, journal about it on Saturday morning or speak about it to a friend. 


 1. See the connections

This is about allowing the world to help you (while you return the favour). Our minds are so connected to our external realities, that we’ve got to make it work for us. The way we think and feel influences our choices and actions, while all that we experience in our daily lives influences our thoughts, feelings and perspectives.

How can you use this link between your internal and external to benefit both you and the world?

Sticking with the metaphor or your life as an artwork, use your environment to assist you as you add to and edit your canvas. What parts of your life do you want to expand? How can your passion be amplified by the world? This is up to you to initiate – find inspiration, trailblazer in your field, poetry, kind people, whatever! It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s positively adding to you and not taking too much away from others.

How can your unique perspectives, experiences and interests help you to bring value to the world? What’s calling for your attention? What’s the reason behind what you’re doing, or as Simon Sinek asks, “Why did we start doing what we’re doing in the first place?” Focusing on why you’re doing something is a powerful motivator.

2.  What’s going on for you

Depending on where you’re at, this can either be the exciting or uncomfortable part.

You’ve just looked out your external world, now it’s time to look at your internal world – yourself. Be real, but when noticing your not-so-perfect sides, please don’t judge. Just witness where you are in this moment, before you change in the next. Maybe be detached from what you see – be ‘the fly on the wall’ and see yourself from an external viewpoint. Don’t take anything personally; just see where you’re at. What is your artwork looking like in this moment?

Be real. Be attentive. How is your body feeling? How is your heart feeling? What’s on your mind?

Realise that all, which you’re seeing and experiencing in this moment is the result of your previous creations. In the case of things, which you aren’t so proud of, try not to hate on your past. Your power and influence only lies in moving forward, so how are you going to do that?

3. Choose

What’s your very first step? If this first step is just being more open to change, that’s progress! Or maybe what you’re needing is the beginning steps towards gentle acceptance of your situation.

If you’re planning to make a change in how you live and experience life – a change in routine, a relationship or a habit, choose it wholeheartedly. Know why you’re doing it.

Now, how are you going to do this? Put steps in place for yourself. What resources can you use to make this process easier (this includes your friends and family)? How are you going to hold yourself accountable? Most importantly: Is it realistic? If not, how can you make it so? Give yourself time to think this through and commit, officially. 

Tip: Use your already formed habits to help you out. Use the times when you brush your teeth to get into the habit of saying your mantra, or the time spent walking your dog to begin your running routine.

Have you taken on the challenge? How does it feel? Are you nervous? Excited? Determined? Good!

4. Create

This is you, intentionally adding to your canvas and changing your life. I hope it feels great!

Know that this process is cyclical. You’ll revise and revisit these steps continuously. That’s life and I’m curious to know what you’re creating.

“Every human has four endowments – self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.” – Stephen Covey


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